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At Ducksoup. We provide expert consulting and implementation services. Our Ducksoup Consultants boast extensive industry and technology expertise. We provide engagement teams that span business and technology, ensuring seamless project delivery, comprehensive insights and end-to-end solutions.

Implementation Services

Project Implementation

Ducksoup Project Managers can partner with clients from initiation to Go Live. Ducksoup can assist in establishing a new project or performing a health check on an existing project.

Ducksoup develop project approaches and structures that work.

Software Implementation

Ducksoup partner with a number of third-party software vendors to deliver Regulatory Compliance solutions.

Ducksoup are experts, we help in mitigating the risk of implementing new regulatory software.

Consulting services

Data Governance

Data is the foundation of Regulatory Compliance. Ducksoup provide insights on industry best practice for data definition, governance, control and validation.

Ducksoup can design and implement a data governance framework that works.

Resourcing and Offshoring

Ducksoup can assist in the migration of business processes, can complete a skills assessment of an existing location or design and deliver an optimisation program.

Ducksoup understand the challenges and benefits of offshoring.

Business Process

Ducksoup help to optimise your existing Regulatory Business Processes, including through the application of innovative technologies.

Ducksoup identify improvement opportunities and realise genuine business benefits.

Why Ducksoup Consulting?

Subject Matter Expertise

Ducksoup have deep industry experience, they understand and have experienced the day to day challenges of Regulatory Compliance.


Ducksoup understand technology, how it can be harnessed to realise improvements in Regulatory Compliance and improve overall efficiency.

One Team

Ducksoup provide engagement teams spanning business and technology, ensuring seamless project delivery, comprehensive insights and end-to-end solutions.

Regulatory Timelines

Ducksoup deliver on time. Ducksoup understand that regulatory timelines and commitments don’t move and factor this into all project planning.

Return on Investment

Ducksoup focus on ensuring that every engagement delivers exceptional value and genuine business benefit.


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